Tutte le novità Semplidea

It all started with a simple idea

04 October

limax  disegno tecnico

Loris Carlesso, the founding partner, was trying to find a solution to the problem of tangled cables, especially the chargers of mobile phones and portable devices.

After a year of painstaking testing, we arrived at a simple and effective solution: Limax – the tidy cable. Its distinctly original and minimalist shape aroused interest from the first prototype. This led to a strong appreciation among early adopters for its neat organisation of tangled cables.

So everythings starts with an idea: it is very important to ensure from the outset that no similar ideas exist and at a later stage try to protect it depositing patents, models, and brands that concern.

We recommend that you consult professionals in the field or submitting the forms by downloading them from the official websites perhaps requesting appropriate assistance to the Chamber of Commerce in your town.
In particular, (regarding Italy) a patent to be granted must meet the following requirements:

  • Novelty: an invention cannot be patented if certain public disclosures of the invention have been made.
  • Non-Obviousness: the invention must be considered not obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art. In other words, the invention is compared to the prior art and a determination is made whether the differences in the new invention would have been obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the type of technology used in the invention.
  • Useful: the subject matter has a useful purpose and also includes operativeness.
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