Limax™ – the cable-tidy


The technological evolution of mobile phones is sometimes breathtaking, but one element has always remained the same: the charger and it’s cable. Most of us experience the frustration of untangling the cord from other cables and articles before and after use.
The demand for order and practicality is everywhere, confirmed by the presence of accessories to coil up cables that require constant manual intervention. There are chargers with automatic wind up of the cable already embedded.
So why buy a new charger, running the risk of not having compatibility between the various models?
Limax™ allows you to maintain tidy, organised and undamaged cables, with the ability to remove and add / replace the original cable at all times.
Everything is the brainchild of our “fantasygraphic” Frenza and the desire to create the shape of the product in the logo, using an element already present in nature. The design of the brand comes from the shape of the spiral reminiscent of a snail’s shell, whose Latin name is limax.

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Giulive – Galoshes


With children at home we often have to clean dirty shoes after being out at the park, in the garden or whatever other outdoor places they find theirselves in. We asked ourselves: why not creating some covers that protect their shoes from dirt, which are easy to put on and take off, instead of using boots, wellingtons etc?
To avoid spoiling anything coming into contact with the shoes (clothes, car seats, floors, etc..) we created comfortable soft rubber covers to fit over
shoes quickly and easily. They can be removed before coming into the house, and can be cleaned in seconds.
The concept of covers for shoes existed in the past, in the form of “galoshes”, but today they are not easily found… Until now!
Note: galoshes protect from dirt under the soles of shoes so not the clothing and the children themselves.

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The Giulive are made of silicone, an odorless, non-allergenic and very elastic material, similar to that used for moulds, cake pans, pot holders, baby bottles, etc… We chose this quality material for the flexibility, grip and strength properties that distinguish it.