Tutte le novità Semplidea

It all started with a simple idea

04 October

Loris Carlesso, the founding partner, was trying to find a solution to the problem of tangled cables, especially the chargers of mobile phones and portable devices. After a year of painstaking testing, we arrived at a simple and effective solution: Limax – the tidy cable. Its distinctly original and minimalist shape aroused interest from the […]

Cover to protect smartphones, film screen protector. Do you not think about the cables?

16 September

When one buys a smartphone usually one thinks to protect it from scratches or accidental drops . A responsible behaviour, especially when one has objects of a certain value… though it is good to remember that also the charger supplied is very important. Using the cord and wrapping it frequently, even several times a day, […]

Why choose Made in Italy?

05 August

Made in Italy is a philosophy behind our products, from concept to design, from production to packaging, from communication to distribution. We rely solely on suppliers, employees and local professionals for a qualitative strategy but mainly because we believe in the Italian economic recovery and we want to contribute in our small way to increase employment, […]